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Singer, Songwriter Jamison is Bringing it Up and that’s the title of his new release. Check it out now on all digital outlets

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Creating a wide variety of media from video for DVD, commercials, YouTube, social media

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EaglesWing Resource Center is a dedicated resource of EWRC Technology.  We are a resource for networked membership organizations.
We are Media Managers, Artists and  Producers working together in network with clients and partners to create and distribute media.  We are experienced in both Media & technology disciplines as well as creative arts like music, visual arts guide and collaborate on your experience at EWRC.

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Special thanks to our partners who extend EWRC Studio abilities and services so that we can provide even more to our clients.

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EWRC Media & Technology service & product partners provide extended abilities to you our clients.

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Multiple RESOURCES are needed today to
successfully market & promote products and services.
The EaglesWing Resource Center is more than traditional studio. EWRC is a center of resources to produce media and apply technology making successful use of that media.